Before we get into anything, I want you to play this song.


Amazing right?

Let’s start with my plans.

Photography has always been a medium for me to create and get into places that I normally wouldn’t go. For this project instead of a single piece I would rather collate work and then post next year, create a book, an insight into a city that has a heavy stigma and a dark past.

Ask anyone over the age of 20 and they would tell you Naples is dangerous and to avoid it. Some even go as far as saying it’s like a third world country in the EU.

Is it dangerous?

Yes. Just like any other city in the world there are areas that due to systematic and economic issues, are a no go unless you are hosted by a local. I actually felt safer in Naples than I do in London…

Naples has had its fair share of media attention due to the “system”. Brutal wars between the families of the Camorra system that is not a single family like the other mafia’s, instead consists of hundreds of smaller factions that work together. But time to time, wars erupt over power plays and this is then shown on the media worldwide. I dont want to go deep into it, I could, but I also do not want to romanticise in any way or come off as if I can understand this situation. I cant, but I am fascinated. People tell me at times they couldn’t leave the house after dark because of the war’s and shootings every day over territories. A system that corrects itself one way or another.

Look past this and you find beauty within the Cracks.

I only spent three days here, but with my plans, I will be frequently returning to capture this city. Not for what is told, but for what it is. A raw, poor, dangerous, beautiful, caring city. Exhilarating, lost in this place I have seen so much through TV and Film. Everywhere I looked I could recognise places.

Like I said, I want this project to be something much bigger. I dont want to give everything away, I dont want to share a dissertation just yet. Everything I want to say will be within this book. Why I love this city, why I love Italy, why I am fascinated by systems. I have to do this for myself. Im giving myself an Omerta. Silence for now. I need to work on my Napoletano, a fucking hard language to muster even with basic Italian, these guys speak so fucking fast I just nod.

My hosts Valerio, Rosario and Luigi. Thank you for making me feel at home, for looking after me in a way I have never been looked after. A friendship that has spawned from the internet that will continue till our death beds.

Heres a few shots from this trip, the rest are going on ice for now.

Rosario and Valerio, behind is a hidden Vesuvius from the fog. Thank you brothers

Rosario and Valerio, behind is a hidden Vesuvius from the fog. Thank you brothers

I look forward to progressing this project. Just me, my camera and some great people.