brexit bandit


Looking through the back end of my website, the most features on here are of Thai. That’s because he fascinates me the most.

T is someone I admire very much. Someone I would do anything for. That extends to his team, a team that function so well and should be an inspiration for many.

This was the first EU major venue tour, and when I think back to the first few performances with 100ish people, it doesn’t really surprise me because I always saw it getting this way, but it’s another level.

I did’nt get to visit the entire tour because of work arrangements but the brief time I was on tour with these guys, everything just seemed to feel genuine again. It’s not easy what they have to go through, it’s hard work being on the road. But that all becomes redundant when the magic of the show happens.

I cant quite explain it, but I get this warm feeling seeing people forget about all there problems for that few hours and just genuinely enjoy themselves.

All thanks to T.


Big thanks to Lewis, Andy, Kwes, Dan, Ellis, Chad, Alex, Sammo, Jeshi, Geo, and the rest who made me very welcome as always and let me do my thing. Nothing but love for you all.